Innovative treatment of

groundwater, wastewater, and soil

With colloidal particles

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Advantage of colloidal particles

ColFerroX offers a paradigm shift in the remediation of contaminated sites and industrial wastewater. Large amounts of contaminants (heavy metals, Cyanide, …) are treated with a small dosage of colloidal (iron oxide) particles. The particles can be injected into subsurface, can be used in separation tanks, and other water treatment facilities.

Site remediation

Unlike other particles, ColFerroX products are available at any volume required for site remediation at affordable prices.

Lower costs

In situ and on site remediation activities cost much lower than other technologies, thanks to high surface area and small particle size of ColFerroX products, and fast implementation technologies.

Fast (easy) to implement

Within only few days ColferroX treatment technology is implemented on your site. The normal daily activities are not disturbed even during the implementation.

Environmental friendly

Our products have been tested for ecotoxicity effects through various research projects and no negative toxicity have been found.

Case Studies

Remediation of an arsenic-contaminated drinking water resource

Wastewater Treatment of an aluminum smelting facility

Immobilization of heavy metal pollution from aquifer