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Groundwater treatment

ColFerroX offers cost effective in situ immobilization and contaiment methods for removal and isolation of toxic pollutants such as Arsenic, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Chromium, … from the groundwater. We have proven record of successful applications in several countries.

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Wastewater treatment

ColFerroX particles remove a wide range of toxic pollutants including variety of  heavy metals, cyanide, fluoride, etc. at single step and without need to adjust a cascade of pH and dosing with various salts. The technology is applicable to various wastewater stream from mining, metal, glass, and other industries. The efficiency of this process is being verified in e.g. former gasworks and metal smelting plants.

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Industrial research

ColFerroX carries out various research and development actions in collaboration with customers. We offer a wide range of laboratory methods and equipment and help you to find the best solution to your pollution problem.

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