Cyanide removal from groundwater

Cyanide is toxic to both human and aquatic life. Due to past industrial practices, various forms of cyanide exist as contaminants in soils and groundwater at e.g. decommissioned gasworks sites. However, cyanides become mobilized when reaching groundwater resources and are transported to other areas, increasing the risk of exposure.

What we do

ColFerroX offers an in situ technology for immobilization and complexation of various types of cyanides in groundwater. Using our highly innovative materials the spread of pollutants is stopped. Small particles with high surface area are injected using easy techniques into aquifer. The small size allows the particles to travel several meters away from injection point, where they precipitate and form a large underground reaction barriers. The high surface area provides enough reaction surface to detoxify water from the cyanides.


  • Applicable anywhere
  • One-time application
  • Long-term effect
  • Easily implemented: Only a few days, with NO interruption to normal activities