in situ source containment and plume treatment in only a few days with long-lasting effect

Innovative injectable barriers for groundwater protection and treatment

How it works:

Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, safe colloidal particles are injected using simple wells into contaminated groundwater. Due to excellent mobility, the particles travel to the target depth and radius where they form a in situ barriers. ColFerroX offers two types of in situ barriers: in situ permeable adsorptive barriers and in situ containment barriers.

in situ permeable adsoprtive barriers

In the plume zone (downstream), the particles form a permable adsorptive barrier by covering sediment surfaces. The pollutants are immobilized via sorption and removed from flowing water, like an underground filter.

in situ containment barriers

Source of pollution
Containment barrier
re-directed groundwater flow
Injection well for inserting containment barrier
Radius of influence of several meters per injection point
blocked pores (violet coler) where the water cannot enter and is diverted
re-directed groundwater flow
In the source zone, the injected particles polymerize, form a gel that fills the pores and reduces the conductivey, hence the clean water does not enter the polluted zone and the pollutants are not mobilized.


  • Easy to implement
  • No surface infrastructure is needed
  • Installation in a few days for remediations over decades
  • Little to no intrruptions to daily industrial activities
  • Applicable in any site (industrial, urban, rural, remote, …)
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive product (Water Hazard Level Zero)

Target Pollutants:

With the in situ containment barriers ColFerroX can isolate ALL types of pollutants (organics, inorganics, PFAS, metals, …).
With in situ permeable adsorptive barriers ColFerrox targets wide range of contaminants, amont them:

  • Heavy metals (Cu, Ni, Pd, Cd, Co, Zn, V, …)
  • Metalloids (As, …)
  • Cyanide (Free and complexes)
  • Flourides
  • Phosphate

We offer:


Product customization



Our services:

ColFerroX offers a trust-based, step-by-step approach to their customers. We will first run feasibility tests in our laboratories to ensure that our solution matches your specific case. Via pilot application we validate the solution in the site and then we offer the full remediation of the site.
ColFerroX carries out the planning, consulting, and the installation of the groundwater remediation systems (permeable and containment barriers).