Single-step wastewater treatment for multiple pollutants

Save materials and space using ColFerroX product and design

Industrial wastewaters are usually treated in large facilities in several stages, where at each stage a different setting (e.g. pH) is adapted and a different chemcial is added. Using  a small dose of ColFerroX particles, all pollutants are removed and flocculated at same (neutral) pH at one step, saving you space and time. Very low sludge volumes can be discarded at low costs, or if needed, valuable metals can be recovered using our innovative reversible processes.

Easy to implement

ColFerroX iron oxide particles can be added to any treatment system in any mode. Only a small dose of the product is needed to be added to the wastewater, whether in a container or even inside the pipeline, and within few minutes pollutants are flocculated and can be separated. Our product is certified with Water Hazard Grade of Zero (WGK0), so no special handling or storage is needed, no corrosion or H2S production will occur.


  • Applicable in any wastewater treatment system
  • One-stage pollutant removal
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive product
  • Low dose
  • Also applicable via our new in-Line technology
  • Low sludge volume

We offer:


Product customization


On-time delivery

Case Study:

A pilot-scale treatment plant was built in an aluminum smelting facility where Zn and Al along with other metals and Flouride were removed from the wastewater stream at single neutral pH value. Both system (single-stage mixing, inLine) methods were tested and threhsold values were met for discharge water.

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Target pollutants:

  • Heavy metals (Cu, Ni, Pd, Zn, Cd, Co, V, …)
  • Metalloids (As, …)
  • Cyanide (Free and complexes)
  • Flouride
  • Phosphate